Thursday, August 30, 2012

Adapting to a Mobile Borrower

Technology has always served one or more of three basic needs in our business: better, cheaper or faster. Many lenders expect it to be no different for the white hot mobile technology sector. But they are wrong.

I recently penned an article about mobile tech for Mortgage Technology magazine. You'll find my article on page 8. In it, I point out that being better, faster and cheaper for the lender will soon mean far less to federal regulators than meeting consumer expectations. Part of that is due to the new CFPB and its demands for our industry, but part of it is that we’re dealing with a new class of borrower today.

I don’t want to replant the ground I covered in MT, but I am looking forward to helping our lender customers reach better, cheaper and faster at the same time they improve the borrower experience with mobile technology.

 Find out more about what we’re doing with mobile on our website. And let me know what you’re doing in the mobile space in the comments below.

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